Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Words of wisdom: Stamping in flowers does not necessitate stamping ON flowers

I did talk about hats, didn't I?

Well now I talk about Prints. I swear. NO more hats. Maybe a little hats... Ok, hat with print?

I diverge. This is not what I'm here for. Well, except for previously stated mission statements, but that's besides the point. The sun is here, I can still see after 6 O'clock, and I'm officially declaring Spring. Even if the director of our school hasn't, and blazers are still mandatory. Nut job.

Spring calls for patterns. Like these loverly laydeeeez photo'd by Nick Wolf on Refinery 29 at the Life Ball (Only one of the biggest Aids fundraisers in the world, dontchaknow).

Why patterns? because I've just unpacked, and my dorm is a melee of morrocan rug, urban outfitters bauble prints, chintz files,, polkadot, butterflies, art Deco and floral. It's a vibe thing. It's self preservation really, I call it the Procrastination instinct. Otherwise known as the i'm-going-to-turn-this-clinic-into-something-liveable-so-that-I-can-actually-work-in-it urge

A very fine revival. Not that Hilanicki wasn't full of vitality, rather that Topshop has picked a winner, with her beautiful illustrations and the clothes themselves leaving them without need of a model; a fine way to deal with the reccession. I would be so looking forward to tuesday if I wasn't flat broke and saving.... leSigh. I want these trousers. So badly.  To wear with killer strappy heeled sandals. Or, more likely, barefoot and strolling through the sand in my mediterranean travels before Paris. What I wouldn't give.....

Will someone give birth so I can be a babysitter for below minimum wage? PLEASE?

Zebra Jacket Kimiko Red @ King and Queen of Bethnal Green 
Oh, just look at that lying flat, you can see the construction is beautiful. The collar is brilliant. I wouldn't mind wearing that around with my floor length A line black uniform skirt covered in paint. It might toughen and smarten it up simultaneously! The arms! The arms! To arms? To arms(For Kimiko Red, long may Kim reign!)

Dharma Taylor
Dharma Taylor is a london based graphic/fashion designer, and I believe that the diptych of mediums shows in her clothes, which hinge the two together. Both @ Shop172 - 172 Brick lane. An interesting shop; the collections curated by the store owners here are certainly graphic and interesting. If we move on to designers Neurotica, I thing you'll see my point quite clearly. Bodycon, crazy patterns. purrrrrrrrrrfect darlings.

Neurotica also at Shop172 

Never one to stick to just the clothes (did I mention hats at any point?) May I now be shot if I forget to mention Kabow!Wow! Whose inspiration range for fauna to fruit formations and jacobian ruffs. Each piece? Beautifully handcrafted from re-claimed materials. How very lala.
(Also, predictably, at shop172)

Liberty print Hightop Nike Dunks @ DSM 

I leave you for Therese Desqueyroux. Don't be sad, she's the old new hipster you never even knew.

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