Friday, April 3, 2009

"Never mind, dear, we're all made the same, though some more than others." -Noel Coward

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Oh what a man. What a man what a man. I mentioned my love for Noel Coward yesterday, did I not? At any rate, and some point soon, no doubt, I shall become depressed by the state of the fellows I know today and invariably start stalking Fred Astaire dancing with firecrackers on youtube, and decide that I need to run off with a 40s Cabaret act. *Shrug*. Or a dandy. I can be their beard, as the high chance is they won't bend in my direction. At any rate, I feel like I should loll around with vogues in cigarette holders, being wittily entertained, as I drink too much coffee and admire the shape of men's hats. In fact, I think I should just become Diana vreeland, and surround myself with white peacocks at friends' clifftop morrocan palaces, commanding everyone at Vogues copy department to write in quill pens. Wintour's got nothing on laVreeland. laVreeland stuck backplasters on Jack Nicholson's naked bottom ("wonderful condition! I must say your chemistry is really good! Plump and pink.") in crowded restaurants. Which incedentally, allowed him to carry on filming the Shining. Perhaps it would be more contextually appropriate for me to wander around admiring men's bottoms? Oh the thought...
As I sit here, I muse that, if I am to continue being lazy and using photobooth, I should at least become superbly flexible like Dree Hemmingway.
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And steal her coat, shirt, jeans and shoes. I would say hair but... yeah. (TFS via KnightCat)
At any rate, I'm feeling some oversize menswear, truly inspired tailoring wouldn't go amiss, always with the feminine, the feminine. Oh dear, this is reminding me I need to re-sew the sleeve of my Silk tuxedo shirt, my favourite, which a friend ripped at a gig in November. Ripped more, I should say, as it was quite artfully ripped before. Now it just looks slovenly. A vintage silk Turnbull and Asser... *sad eyes*
Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2009 Ready-to-wear Collections - 001
Yves Saint Laurent
But of course, these must be paired with killer shoes. I'm thinking spiky heels, cages, anything goes.

Pyramid-high sandal boot at topshop boutique
Georgina Goodman- Nicole Sandals
Candela NYC Open Front Flat Sandals
Candela NYC @ Asos Red

At any rate, today I'm taking my inspiration from Paul smith, and cooking.Why? Black, gray and red. 1) I love the look of red peppers as they fry. There's something about smooth Chilli red on rough black skillet 2) Paul smith paring red jumpers with grey suits. It always works.

Je te presente... (to prove that I do, in fact, wear trousers)

Try to ignore whatever the hell my hand is doing. It's white hard to get in frame in 10 seconds.


Geri Wu said...

the nicole sandals look really unique! and they're colorful too, which is always a good thing

Stevie said...

The pyramid sandal boot is adorable! You look great.

drollgirl said...

Pyramid-high sandal boots are waaaaaaay fucking cool.

The Glossy Editor said...

cute cute! welcome back alien girl:)

An (ex) alien in new york said...

colourful. and playful. they wouldn't go amiss in a toychest.

Thanks for the compliment!

Aren't just?

Good to be back! Had fun snowboarding?