Friday, April 3, 2009

"J'ai beaucoup de chance, je suis souvent heureuse. Je ne me rappelle que du dernier bonheur" - Doillon

Nanker_Phledge @ TFS
I've realised that I'm in a very Doillon-esque mood around now. Lou doillon, incaase you didn't know, is the MAW (Model, actress, whatever) daughter of Jane Birkin and director Jaques Doillon. She had pegged rock chick style by the age of 9 (Indian leggings under short dresses, worn with Grateful Dead T-shirts and rollerblades, and long dreadlocks). By 11, she had had her first tattoo inked. That's proper hardcore. Anyway, a creative partner at denim giant Lee Cooper at the minute (not a bad acolade, considering it's one shared with JC/DC), and a darling of French theater, she is mother to a small child, and the bearer of many amazing hats.
Luca* at TFS
5 or so years ago she dropped Paris upon the death aged 20 of Anno Birkin, her cousin. Milla Jojovich, Birkin's friend, embraced her, saying ‘Leave Paris, come to New York.’ So that's what she did, with a one year old child in tow. Jojovich wanted Doillon to see the clothes at the infantile Jojovich Hawk, apparently. But they spend more time "talking about incredibly geeky things like physics and what we’ve just read in American Scientist."Who knew? The power of the MAWs is astounding. At any rate, the Lou Doillon netflix list is. On the multi-talented front, I'm really digging her collection for Lee cooper. Check it... It's largely inspired by 1921 Chaplin movie 'the Kid'.

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At any rate, She seems to be full of wonderful anecdotes, stories, and helpful strikes of brilliance. And amazing hair; apparently, Birkin (Jane) taught her to wash it as little as possible, and rinse it with coke for that tousled amazingness. (I suppose it does smell better than beer). She's been there, done that- fallen on the Missoni Catwalk, because she was in a giggle fit as she was put on after gisele with her mile long legs. Perhaps she's more english in that regard- humour here tends to be the laugh at yourself kind; in France, it is more laugh at others. Just look at the popularity of Canteloup and "La revue de presque" (Of course, this is a MAHOUSSIVE generalisation.) At any rate, she seems to get on in New York better, being the self proclaimed oddball of the stunning and stylish Birkin broad. I quote "This is a place where anything goes, and no one cares or judges. I go out in my enormous hat, dressed as a boy, with a fake moustache and people say, 'What a lovely moustache!" She has also proclaimed that if she were to meet her young self, she's quite sure the be-dreadlocked one would be slapping her for becoming so bourgeoise. Ah well, come dice Il Purillo; "Non posso mica essere simpatico a tutti" (Can't possibly be nice to everybody)
At any rate, her style? She still gets dressed to Rock and roll in the mornings, although she has given in to the appeal of designers, whom she went out of her way to rebel against in her teenage heyday. Favourite designers are among Ann Demeulemeester, Maison Martin Margiela and Tsumori Chisato, and Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier and John Galliano for haute-couture. SHe's also the muse for Givenchy; not bad. Although, I wouldn't mind being Her grandmother on the muse note; Muse to Noel Coward. Brilliant. Did I mention how much I love Noel Coward? A comic genius. I Could send hours youtubing 'Nina from Argentina' and 'Mad Dogs and Englishman'. And his clothing? Impeccable.
BAck to the point. What made me realise this secret, latent inspiration? I found an ancient photo of me chanelling rock-chick-chic. Otherwise known as Groupie Goes Opera. If you could see properly, that coat is Burgundy Jumbo corduroy, and it has a tie waist belt. Like a giant dressing gown. It is appropriately and affectionally named "The pimp coat". One day I will post a greater view of its pimpaliciousness. Unfortunately, any photos I do have of it, I would not show my parents. And that is my rule of thumb for the internets tubes.
Actually... here's one that I can live with... a tad too candid, but still.

What am I holding? Oh. Right. Umbrella.
At any rate, Back to the present. Beyond the lust-worthy jackets of darlingLou, as she will now be known, Is my own fun time playing. On l'appellera.... la deuxième partie de OGG.
Vintage Mink capelet thingy. Extremely long blue tangle of beads- who knows? It was a 13th birthday present. 'Velvet' Navy wrap dress with cap sleeves, Cabled tights from pretty polly, Asos heels. There is a reason behind the two watches- I'm keeping my dad's Audemars piguet running, since it's on one of those mechanisms that wind using movement.

I'm decidedly sans-maquillage for a rock chick, but hey- I might look like a crazy person (more of...) if I wandered around my house in party mode.


Kay said...

Ahh I am so glad you did this post! I absolutely love her, if I could have anyones style it would be hers. I love the cropped denim blazer she did for Lee Cooper but it is unfortunately a little out of my price range. By a little I mean a lot. Ah you are so right about her hair, I think it may have subconsciously influenced me getting a fringe.
Your jacket is amazzing, and I really like your hair (:

An (ex) alien in new york said...

Thanks! I'm geting fed up with it at the moment. Pretty soon I'll talk myself into dying it ginger, which would be a bad thing, as I will lose all basis for my taunts against one of my best friends.

rackkandruin said...

lou is just fantastic, her style is always impeccable.

An (ex) alien in new york said...

Isn't it just? I get the feeling she's been around the fashion block, come back, and found her own style.

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