Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whaling away at the mission

I am a culinary genius.

I just made the best pasta sauce ever using:
1 onion
1 clove garlic
2 rashers bacon
Peppadew pepper things. (around....6?)
seeds of change cherry tomato and parmesan sauce (like...5 tablespoons. Oh I dunno. Until the rest was coated)
Tomato puree (small squirt. shhh. i was improvising)
teaspoon [bitter, homemade] marmalade (!) {it adds a somewhat smoky quality to the sauce. goes well with the bacon}
3/4 teaspoon sugar (have to balance out all that tomato)

Pretty much added it to the olive-oiled skillet in that order. and then water, to let it reduce. And then grated a TONNE of cheddar on top.

Haha. that was more of a mental note to myself, wasn't it? But it really was tasty. I can reccomend it

Anyway. Healthy, happy, 'n well fed. And wearing a whale print dress. My fringe dried strangely this morning. So it looks like I'm n the 60s, somewhat.

Great cut for giving you curves. Not so great for slopey shoulders like mine, when the sleeves have a tendency to slip down...

Excuse the photobooth. Yes, I do have a fairly fun DSLR that I would be larking around with, except I've locked myself in to do revision, and I'm not up to that much contortion at the moment.

Having thoroughly worn myself out with my own latent activism (Just where did YOU come from? Eh?) I now go back to my dire for rampant laziness. I think, in these terms, I would say the Scandinavians do it best.

Wood Wood Sabine Jumpsuit

Having said that, lazy styles aren't exclusive to Scandinavia; not by a long shot. It just seems to help.
dress check mate
Minimarket Dress- 2500 SEK (around £211/$305)

Box - Pants, black wool
Minimarket Box pants @ Mint & Vintage 900kr (£76/$109)

Ash - Silk dress, violetRobe Sautoir - Necklace silk dress, black
Cubic Satin - Dress, off-whiteDelfina - Knitted blue sweater
All Mint & Vintage. 270-1900kr. From right, c/w - Edun, Les Petites..., Rutzou, Rules by Mary

We'll try France shall we? I am going to live there, after all. Loose tailoring is the thing he french do well. I mean, there's something just so Garance worthy aabout a woman in men's trousers, in pleats, in great tailoring. Tailoring techniques then? Try it loose...
Paul & Joe Sister Silk Trousers With Self Belt
Paul and joe sister @ Asos

Poleci Asymmetric Pleated SkirtPoleci Asymmetric Pleated Skirt
Poleci @ ASOS

Ichi Zip Ruched Body Loose Denim Jumpsuit
Ichi @ ASOS

Totem Oval Print Loose Jumpsuit
Totem jumpsuit @ Asos

Belle & Bunty For ASOS Floral Playsuit With Contrast BindingBelle & Bunty For ASOS Floral Playsuit With Contrast Binding
Belle & Bunty For ASOS

and, finally (with some tongue in cheek) Ruched...
Sass & Bide PVC Black Rats Ruched Leggings
Sass and bide PVC Blackrats @ ASOS

I'm not sure how, but that turned fairly one-piece intensive somewhere in the middle there. Here, a dress, to balance it out...
(...piped. HA, you thought I would't find a technique, didn't you? I Didn't do textiles for nothing!) Dontcha love the clashing primary florals with the plain black piping? Another thing... I don't actually really like ASOS, I'm not sure why I got stuck on it... laziness, I suppose.

ASOS Zip Front Flower Print Dress
ASOS Zip Front Flower Print Dress

Proving the Brits can pull it off in traditional style, we have Motel(
Enlarged image
The 'Kate' (Bargain £49)

And of course, NY Kings of casual cool, Obesity and speed.

Thus continues my mission to proove that Uggs and looking like Hilary duff is not a requirement of being a slob.
Misfits sweater from Obesity and speed


Kay said...

That's crazy! I think the having to take a full umbrella and then not even being allowed to open it is the maddest of them all... blimey.
I hate it when my fringe dries weird, which it does a lot. Yours looks lovely though!
I am spying a lot of Asos picks here, I think it's very much underrated. I've been wanting to try a pair of men's trousers for a while now, I think it is quite a French thing to do and therefore very 'chic'

Rachie-Pie said...

a good selction of asos shizz u piked my dear, namely the ichi denim one piece (!!) and the floral!

An (ex) alien in new york said...

haha. It wasn't intentional! I just got sidetracked by one-pieces.

Go for the men't trousers! I'm nominating tomorrow my trousers day.