Sunday, April 5, 2009

Est-ce que je puis me maquiller? Bien sur! Quoi... possédés par surprise??

Wow. The alien does do makeup. Although, it is rather limited, seeing as her makeup bag was stolen by some deviant thief or other a couple months ago, and the price of replacement is crippling.

WOUAOH! Elle peut se maquiller. Bien qu'elle n'ait pas des reserves illimité, puisque quelqu'un qui était rusé a volé sa trousse de maquillagé il y a deux mois, et alors elle doit les remplacer au prix coûtant.

Et les remplaçants?

Sukicolor tinted moisturiser -> It''s a lifesaver. SUbtle, doesn't cake, smells delicious, mineral so its good for sensitive skin, creamy because normally mineral foundation is powder, and dries out your skin.
Sukicolor eydefiner in smoky gray colour.(Brilliantly named...smoke) it's gelshadow/liner/brow. Mineral cream makeup. All of their stuff is mineral/organicky shizzle.
Paul and joe (Disney ltd. edition) blush. Amazing. It's just their face Colour B (002) but it smells amazing, is the perfect pink, and goes on with a proper puff and has the cute bashful skunk from bambi on the box.
Sukicolour eyeliner/multi purpose brush, for the eyedefiner stuff. it's shadow liner/brow again
Too faced leopard bronzer. amazing. It's brown but mixed with pinks and beige (it's pressed in a rather alarming leopard print) but it means it comes out well for my pale skin)
Bourgeois blacky purple eyeshadow in the ltd. edition old school tin.
Korres Mango butter lipstick in 'pink'. Really cool shade. So softening.

Loreal bare naturel mineral foundation in 410 (Ivory white) that I had to get my brother to import from across the pond since they don't make it that pale over here in brittania. Naturally, it shattered everywhere due to the stupid stateside packaging redesign, so It explodes in a cloud of POOF! Every time I wish to open it. *sigh* It is good though. Especially as I'm so pale at the moment that even the stunningly brilliant sukicolor tinted stuff makes me look a tad orange. I want a holiday.

And what I retained, due to me always leaving stuff in my handbag from laziness?

Benefit BadGal Lash
Lancome Black Eyeliner
Bobbi Brown Golden Shimmer brick (THANK GOD)
Mac eyeshadow in goldmine frost.
Pale pink dior lipstick (218)
Maybelline moisture surge in BonBon Caramel (mocha-y colour)
M-A-C m-a-c red lipstick
Clinique Honey blush

The pink is what's worn currently. Lips- pale pink, then mochhay on top, then daps of goldmne frost eyeshadow. Yeah, on the lips. (and eyes). I use a paintbrush. One made for acrylics. It's easier to do a smoky eye with, at any rate... Top lid, grey sukicolor gel eyeliner. Mascara. Dab of gold eyeshadow again

You forget how expensive that **** is. Seriously. I almost cried at the bill for that lot, and i didn't even replace half of it. And just some of what was lost.... *sob*. I got half of this on discount from being nice to the counter girls in bloomies and bringing them so many customers (english girlfriends staying over). And in america where its half the price. Here's a quarter of the losses...

This sheer Benefit Shangri-la hot pink lipstick. awesome. Discontinued.
Perfumeria Gal Madrid Lipbalm in Grosella/red currant. So. Amazing. I have to import it from the states in industrial quantities for the female half of my family. Amazing. (
Stila eyeshadow in kitten

Lilac Dior lipgloss/ Pop lipgloss (pop my bubble)/bobbi brown lipgloss (petal-3)
Jemma Kidd makeup school Black eyeliner (so. good. Glides on. no more, sadly)
Diorshow mascara (freeeeeeeeee saaaamples!)/Benefit BadGal lash/ Lancome hypnose
Benefit Showoff in bambi
Tarte lip/cheek stain in blushing bride

 Discontinued clinique blush

Incedentally, there was this survey in britain where they worked out that the average girl spends £2,373.84 spent on toiletries (i'm assuming including facewash/shampoo etc.) in her CHILDHOOD (so...that must be....5 years of actual makeup wearing?). woooooh
. Although, I guess that the average teenager has in her makeup collection minimum of 100 pounds spent, even just if they buy high street...more if they go for stuff like benefit/mac. ach

Today, I wear a men's cardigan backwards, C.R.A.F.T Jeans, and report black (muddy) suede booties. Men's cardigans backwards make the best slouchy jumpers ever. How quirky. Oh yes. I was multitasking by cooking lunch. How Very modern bloggeuse.


Julia mode said...

tres sympa tes shoes !!=)

An (ex) alien in new york said...

Mon frère les a acheté!

10ThMuse said...

what a misfortune! mine can't steal, i don't have one :D