Monday, April 13, 2009

There was once a velveteen rabbit, and in the beginning he was really splendid.

I've been feeling a tad inspired by the velveteen rabbit the past few days. Perhaps it's the fact that I too am battered and worn following three days of sailing, and  can now empathise with the worn-in bunny. Perhaps I'm finally being influenced by the recessionista 'spin' on fashion in an expounding on re-loving sort of way. Perhaps I just suddenly got reminded of when my brother was little, sucking his thumb and stroking the ears of his toy elephant so much that they went smooth and threadbare and as long as the ears of a rabbit. Maybe it's a subconcious craving to see Jake Gyllenhall act with Maggie, or a calling to watch that episode of friends. Whatever it is, I shan't bother pegging it; it might just be that I had the most beautifully illustrated book of it, which I can't track down anywhere, and got reminded of this by internets-trawling. The image above does not do my memory justice. Marissa Lanternam of Marissa's Art  does the best illustrations I've seen in a while, but I daren't post the images; she is, after all, a student, and she needs all the copyright laws she can get.

In the spirit of all things looking a little thrown together....
Michael Van der Ham for CSM's MA show

a little stringy....
Central Saint Martins Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear
Derek Lawlord for CSM's MA show

Perhaps a little droopy...
Dress by Bolongaro Trevor s/s 08
or maybe just a little hotch-potch
Marni @WWD

Or uneven...

I present the Alien being lazy. (In every sense of the word; this must be a month old.)
Barbour is badass.
I leave you with a film reference that references my reference. 
People cannot be truly loved if they are too sharp and shiny.  (Get the reference?)
[an ammendment to the reference to a reference: and yet I will still walk towards the shiny.]


Susanna-Cole said...

Really like your outfit, especially the shoes and jacket! :)


Bianca and Isabella said...

love the black ruffle dress, love

the crumpet girls

rackkandruin said...

didn't know she had a blog! thanks for the link. . . xx

SOS! said...

that CSM show was unreal..
xx-LJ from SOS!

Julia mode said...

LOVE ur selection !!=)


Sadako said...

Great clothes! And I also always loved the Velveteen Rabbit!!