Sunday, March 29, 2009

I feel alive! Modernists and pirates ahoy.

Once more, for your viewing pleasure, I tackle the mess that is my life and attempt something productive. However, you'll have to bear with me. There's a lot to catch up on. Did I mention I'm moving to Paris come september? Yes, once more I migrate, this time away from the student wasteland that is the city I currently habitate, and off to the 15th arrondissement, 15 Rue letellier, Parsons Paris, to be precise.

....Allow me to feel just a little pleased with myself.

Anyway, so I now push on you Emily Ryan, a designer producing amazing silhouettes out of Portland, Oregon. Someone "continually inspired by 1920's couture, science fiction, and Japanese fashions" is, in my book, someone to definitely keep a note on, especially when she can pleat like THAT. I've never so much wanted to wear all grey. The structuring on her garments is intense, fascinating and makes you wonder; the best kind of structuring to have. It ends up as a strange cross between le corbusier and something frothy and playful, like a couer de pirate video. A definite achievment. Prices range from $78-$700 (And, looking carefully, I would say that's directly related to manpower/time spent making the piece)

Barbarella on birds, origami on a dress, the spinning center of the universe... on a dress

And finally, a "Coeur de Pirate" video:

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