Monday, March 30, 2009

I want to jump into these ripples of petit filous...

ok, yeah, so the lime green pannier isn't exactly blending in, but firstly, it's straight out of robert ryan, seconsly, robert ryan reminds me of birdcages. birdcages remind me of Prague. Prague reminds me of dusky colours. And it's awesome?! The Carrie basket. google it.

When will it be summer? I was reminded by the dusky pink in that last post, coupled with the petit filous pot I'm eating, of Comme des Garcons, and then the sheer amount of antique colours out there on the runways. Brain connections, eh? Although I'm told its the colour of the Sky in Paris, I also believe its the same colour as the mold I found in the Washing machine detergent drawer. Meh. Mould can be so on trend. Actually...think about all those crazy colours and crystalline patterns... *Archives mould as source of inspiration* I should probably point out that noone's been living in this house since december.

As noted, pastels seem to be everywhere Fall and winter. And of course with pastels in mind, you have to head to the cherry blossom girl. You just do. It's like birdcages and Prague. DO you really need an explanation? Could I even give you one? Answer: Unlikely. Anyway, her photoshop must be on permanant vintage setting as, whilst documenting her life, style and times, everything is bathed in a soft glow. Beyond that, I want her sofa.... Her closet too wouldn't go amiss.

On to greater things. Prada's inspiration for the MiuMiu s/s09? exploring our european heritage. Possibly because there's no unified italian heritage? (Far too revolutionary and divided. Italy's a baby, in constitutional terms). Though fading dusty colours they hark back to a distant time, when the chemicals on photographic paper decayed in such a pretty manner, (Now its more likely that someone's put lined paper in the printer and caused a jam) the silhouettes present are decidedly modern. Architectural, almost. Like old cartography. I want a dress made out of old charts, screw newspaper dresses. (although, as far as they go, I wouldn't mind one of these...
Newspaper Dress.jpg

reminds me of Barbara I Gongini A/W09

So, the pastels.

Comme des garcons:
sshot-2009-03-08-[10-48-28] by you.
sshot-2009-03-08-[10-47-46] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-42-16] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-48-48] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-43-47] by you.

Miu Miu
sshot-2009-03-21-[14-16-26] by you.sshot-2009-03-21-[14-13-41] by you.Miu Miu Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

sshot-2009-03-06-[23-28-24] by you.
Prada Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

sshot-2009-03-21-[18-03-57] by you.sshot-2009-03-21-[18-04-20] by you.

Christopher Kane
sshot-2009-03-07-[09-58-56] by you.sshot-2009-03-07-[09-58-24] by you.
sshot-2009-03-07-[09-57-42] by you.sshot-2009-03-07-[09-55-35] by you.

Erin Fetherstone
sshot-2009-03-07-[10-03-32] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-31-04] by you.sshot-2009-03-07-[10-04-44] by you.Erin Fetherston Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear
How does she pull off a skinhead????
Erin Fetherston Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

In conclusion.... I want spring to come so I can whip out these babies....

Peace out. Notice the rosy glow given by poor lighting and photobooth. Not only mould, but industria school lighting too!

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