Monday, March 30, 2009

Explanations, life, life, explanations. Still no explanation for, of or about life.
I have found the new meaning of life, it's kshocolat, and it doesn't do spelling.
And I ate it in one.

Right, so, I've locked myself in in preparation for exams.

If i look shocked, its of from lack of makeup, hair, of the fact that I'm wearing a men's tee with a smily face on the front and generally not being a fashion ICON like i would be if I weren't well.. here. It's because...8 posts in two days? Either I'm prolific, which we know I'm not, or procrastinating. It's the latter, by the way. ( Vorrei posticipare! vorrei! vorrei!)

That, or it could be my dad's theory that to much screens turns you into a gogglebox. Which always seems very unthreatening, like being turned into a smurf. And so, instead of being shock, you are slowly witnessing, in real time, the doomed fate of every teenager of le monde occidentale.

But anyway, back to work advoidance (I mean this both literally, and in the sense that I change the topic back towards it.
This is a page of my planner, (homework diary, whatever. It's a moleskine softcover 18 month page-per week. They don't make it in soft cover anymore... I'm mad.I like it being bendy. Oh well, doesn't finish till December, perhaps I'll start a petition for bendy covers to continue? Anyway, fairly standard.
You can really tell those last few weeks I was starting to get restless, due to the progressive size and intricacies of my doodles.
From one doodle a day (ish)
To progressively large, shaded in fineliner, (and morphed from a garance illustration)To drawing with left hand, and holding the pen funny To using my pentel squeezable fillable watercolourpen/paintbrush thing to smudge.

Yeah, I would say I was bored.


Camille lala Wong K∆ said...

very nice draw !!

Camille lala Wong K∆ said...

oh. and your chocolate just say me "eat me ! eat me !" and he have to stop it.

An (ex) alien in new york said...

It's on a mission to convert people to the cause.

Except I ate it all. Which rather stunts it's mission.