Monday, March 30, 2009

Take me higher

Nina Hjorth-Why shouldn't I admire the architectural/structural/aesthetic genius that is Nina Hjorth?

I believe I have height envy. I want to be short. Not 5'10. Short. I want to wear heels. I want to have an excuse to wear heels, and not have to dodge the flaying hands of my best friends, most of whom happen to be around 5'3, and who claim that I'm not allowed because it makes them feel short. oh. Thanks. SO what, I never get to wear pretty shoes that elongate the leg and are the only thing that fit my excessively high arches? (Yes, in a bizarre twist of creation, the mos comfortable shoes for me have the highest heel.) I Want to wear Charlotte Olympia, and rush violets on the street with plum coloured spikes.

Not just that.... I want to wear Nicholas Kirkwoods.
User Image

With bleached out two-tone jeans by Siwy @asos

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HEll, I want all of SOS's shoes. The ann demeulemeester's. But also these givenchys especially. I mean, her shoe collection warrants contact fom kanye. Oh wait that already happened.

At any rate, my snakeskin-print cage sandals are the first step in my pretence that I Am short. By september, and Paris, I shall leave flats in the art room, where they belong. And bike- hah, beat that. You were going to comment on the cobbled streets.