Friday, May 29, 2009

How to incorporate small elephants and spider webs into your outfits; sorry, how to wear statement accessories.


1. Sometimes big things really do come in small packages; elephants and umbrellas would seem to be hard to pack, but I think this will fit quite dearly into my suitcase for Paris, to be layered with Breton stripes, colour blocks of Plum and dark turquoise, and grays. This intricately cut acrylic pendant comes from Untamed Menagerie; $22, and may contain addiction to coffee, cream cheese pastries, and quiet time.

2. Strangulation by octopus is really not a bad way to go. Wow, that's an awful double entendre. I shall go string myself up with silk stockings. Again from Untamed Menagerie, this time $18. Did I mention that they're based in tennesee? Perhaps the moonshine fumes lingering in the air inspired their wacky creations. That or nature, vintage illustrations, chihuahuas, pink hair and the human/octapod anatomy.

Melancholy LashesForgotten
...possibly more octapod than human.... $25 and $18

Découpe-moiVeines et artères
3. We must remember that beauty isn't skin deep, going beyond our mortality, and so accesorize appropriately.... all (32-48€)

4. To reference Therese Desqueyroux, I would add that we're all just animals, sleepwalking into the birdcage, only to find it slam shut behind us. 28,00€

Little wolves
5. Especially where money's concerned, we're never far from a dog fight... 14,50€

Gossip Gossip Record Bag
6. Always remember to recycle your musical heritage. (Oh i'm just rolling with the bad puns here.) Jodi Bates has designed this series of record bags, which i take it she does after having listened to them (waste otherwise).

Anatomica Heart NecklaceAnatomica Brain Necklace
Anatomica Tooth PendantAnatomica Ribcage Necklace
7. I did mention recognising that beauty isn't only skin deep, didn't I? These are all Paraphernalia designs, straight out of one Ms. Vanda's studio in Portugal. What, you want something less hardcore? Fine, with a wonderful demonstration of how simple grays, with an interesting texture, will really let the jewellry kick out.

which brings us nicely to no. 8. Ask alice. I'm not sure why I never thought of putting Sir John Teniel's illustrations onto jewellry, because now it seems like the most obvious idea in the world. I'm so jealous of my friend, lets call her P, who has a framed print of his (signed) over her bed. Lucky doll has an antique dealer for a father! The more obvious reference is pocket watches. Which make fantastic necklaces, and timepieces, if they function. If it does not function, for goodness sake take it to a horologist; support your local craftsmen!

Bandit Love Necklace
9. Awww, cute critters go well with burgundy. Sorry, sorry, I meant dark Sterling silver goes well with burgundy, and dark knitwear. Burgundy knitwear? wow. Genius. Mark Poulin is a fantabulous designer, and this can be found for $26 at Shana Logic (You know, I preffered that place before the name change & movement; new site's so damn efficient!)

Positive emotion of the day. Little big-eared hedgehog (8 photos)
10. Hedgehogs are badass and cute! a) Pointy b) awwww: it looks like Dobby. you cannot buy this one (find your own. I suggest getting a terrier to for you; they never learn from the spikes) but this is courtesy of

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random spots of temporary haberdashery

I got bored of a Topshop dress, so I grabbed a gold-foil tutu-come-tulip skirt I made a few years ago, one of my mothers many thin black belts, and voila! Perfect procrastination.

I may also resew the zip on this dress of my grandmothers, and wear it to the ball.... fun.

My roots are so huge it looks like I have two different haircolours. Time for the salon, perhaps...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The bad touch...

Some like to pretend that fashion is for the elite, that it raises us above each other, but what is it, if not animalistic?
Zebra cut out dress - $170 @ Obesity and speed's new online store!

I mean really, it's indulging are whim, that one that all animals have where they want to put on a nice display to show their superiority. (Hey you zebra!)
Why else would my dog attack my clothes, rather than me, when she's trying to show who is in charge? (we live in a dogtatorship, my friends.)

I mean..... how I wish to dress up in salmon (Fish! fish!)....
Suesan Patent Black/Salmon
Tristan Blair Black/salmon Patent kicks AUD$489 (£239)

Indulge a flourescent pink cuckoo in its whims.

 Clock @UOUK

Borrow a nice warm coat

Slink like a snake, and again, and again...
April 77 Acid muscle trews @UOBUK

Try a leopard on for size....
All UO UK Boutique (inc. Peter Jensen, Karen walker, Siwy, Anglomania,Sara Berman)
Back to the snake, yeah?
It's very predatory to want to be taller....
Erokritos @ UO 
 Ash High Wedge studded Sandal @UO 

To gain air, as it were...
Nike Dunks @UO

To bury your toes in the sand... perhaps requires a more relaxed beast...
Dolce Vita @ UO

But we're hardly the wild thornberries...
File:Tv hi wildthornberrys.jpg

More like....the archers?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just some random artworkssss


User Image

User Image 
The natural lighting's betwixt the two somewhere! Oil on glued up sugar paper. yes. that is correct. Stupid broke art dept.

User Image
Art exam piece, so excuse it's shocking badness. I was stressed, on no sleep, and timed. Again Oil on treated paper

An alien's birthday wishes....

Hmm, its a pity that because of my bike my family will totally be refusing to buy me anything else, so unless I have fairy godparents, my BIG 18th will be sadly sparse, bereft of multiple parcels...
I really wouldn't mind some KTZ Bethan socks...I never make enough play of my legs, which I should, because they won't stay this shape forever.... and only 39Eur, currently around £35, which ain't bad!

This Beautiful image is the alpha accordian scarf- as photod by the australian Style Lines. I want one. It's over @ Alpha for 120AUD, which is a handy £59. 

Topshop Liberty print shorts... £32. Oh I so want to be a nymphette. Frolicking and the suchlike.
Les chiffoniers Sequin Blazer.... Ehem400poundsehem @Netaporter
I will be exam presenting myself with Louise Body Docs come my allowance.... Might as well help the company as it rides the wings of the recession, and I LOVE 'EM. I had put them in the back of my mind, but then I was hit by the most extreme style inspiration I've ever had, suprisingly south of the Thames, as I caught the underground to Tooting Bec, that situe synonymous with style or, errrr, the tooting bec athletics track. Whatever, when I got there I was given choclate pancakes. Anyway, so I was on the tube, and on pops this girl who looks fantastic. She was wearing a drapey black jumpsuit, that made her dark skin positively glow, an acidy blue denim jacket, Silver docs with sequins at the top, which the drapey silk jumpsuit was tucked into, HUGE silver disk earrings, and her hair was teased into an afro. She. Looked. AMHAAAAZING.
aaaaah. Dr. Martens website.

Roxy x JBL headphones, $69.95
Apparently, they actually work!

The Cambridge Chain 
Yookoo cambridge chain - $95
 Loooooooong time lusting.
They left San Antonio by train with this Art Deco metal steamer trunk and just 10 dollars 
Vintage Steamer trunk - $75
Actually, I could PROBABLY find one in the attic; generations of Boarding schools come in useful sometimes.
The ENTIRE Society for Rational Dress collection. Drooooool

Candela NYC Flats @ Asos Red for £87. Oh yeah baby. Pre-IBIZA.
PASSION-Frill Platform
Passion Frill platform- £95 @Topshop 

dress check mate
Minimarket Dress- 2500 SEK (around £211/$305)

Wood Wood Sabine Jumpsuit
 Click here to view larger image 
Lou Doillon for Lee cooper Artfull stonewash jacket- reduced to £130!!!
And once more, the ENTIRE bluebird Vintage store. HOW DO THEY PULL IT OFF?
Oh dear lord, I'm going to drive myself crazy staring at this lot.