Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Terribly sorry my lovelies! I've been sitting the most important exams of my life!

So i'll give you a nice 'un mmmmkay?

Charles Anastase is THE designer for geekchifairytaleglittery people. You know who I mean; Tennessee Thomas (and the entire Like), Alexa Chung, Rosin Murphy, the eponymous hipster; all can be spotted in his mini mini dresses, cardigans and peter pan collars.

Poesy@ TFS

Launching from the world of illustration to fashion 4 years ago, the fame of this French designer's followers still outstrip his own; not for much longer though. He manages to tap that precise vintage air that his muses' esthetic code demands, seeming to have lifted things straight out of the wardrobes of la Marianne Faithfull and la Julie Christie.

We know he'll be around for a bit longer at least; he signed a five year production deal with Pier SpA in september 2008, so we can await the arrival of more ballerina-lolita inspired (Well, I should say, Degas "through the keyhole" like pastel visions of Ballerinas, and lolita) Parisian flare. Soon to be copied by the likes of Topshop and Asos in a highstreet near you!

Definitely key to his LFW shows is the styling, the layering, and the attitude. Pastels layered with darker, more tailore sillhouettes, Breton stripes with the red, and THOSE brown wedges give it a wasson-esque edge that was found in Alexander Wang way back when, before he became the quoting tool of teen vogue acolytes everywhere (Oh I still love you Wang, you know I do... it's just.... You set such a high bar for yourself!)

Making me look forward to paris already.

Did I say will be easily imitated? Let me correct; has been easily imitated.

Liberty Rose Print ShortLinen ShortsStriped Linen Scoop Skirt Embroidered Mini SkirtSpot Mesh Prom SkirtDenim Lantern Skirt
(All topshop)
Circle Organza DressTutu Stud DressStripe Puffball DressSilk Jersey DressStripe Tee Dress By BoutiqueSkeletal Bones Cape TeeBeaded Chiffon Panel TopLARA-Neon Sling ShoePASSION-Frill Sandal 

And of course, musn't forget asos, eternal ripper-offer of brilliant design themes

ASOS BLACK Pleated Organza DressS'nob BlazerASOS Velvet Collar Duffle CoatASOS Breton Stripe Crop Top Long Tall Sally Stripe CardiganASOS Contrast Tipped Cardigan
Wooo yeah.

How cool would it be to chat with this man who seems to have influenced our trends massively, through subversion?

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