Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An alien's birthday wishes....

Hmm, its a pity that because of my bike my family will totally be refusing to buy me anything else, so unless I have fairy godparents, my BIG 18th will be sadly sparse, bereft of multiple parcels...
I really wouldn't mind some KTZ Bethan socks...I never make enough play of my legs, which I should, because they won't stay this shape forever.... and only 39Eur, currently around £35, which ain't bad!

This Beautiful image is the alpha accordian scarf- as photod by the australian Style Lines. I want one. It's over @ Alpha for 120AUD, which is a handy £59. 

Topshop Liberty print shorts... £32. Oh I so want to be a nymphette. Frolicking and the suchlike.
Les chiffoniers Sequin Blazer.... Ehem400poundsehem @Netaporter
I will be exam presenting myself with Louise Body Docs come my allowance.... Might as well help the company as it rides the wings of the recession, and I LOVE 'EM. I had put them in the back of my mind, but then I was hit by the most extreme style inspiration I've ever had, suprisingly south of the Thames, as I caught the underground to Tooting Bec, that situe synonymous with style or, errrr, the tooting bec athletics track. Whatever, when I got there I was given choclate pancakes. Anyway, so I was on the tube, and on pops this girl who looks fantastic. She was wearing a drapey black jumpsuit, that made her dark skin positively glow, an acidy blue denim jacket, Silver docs with sequins at the top, which the drapey silk jumpsuit was tucked into, HUGE silver disk earrings, and her hair was teased into an afro. She. Looked. AMHAAAAZING.
aaaaah. Dr. Martens website.

Roxy x JBL headphones, $69.95
Apparently, they actually work!

The Cambridge Chain 
Yookoo cambridge chain - $95
 Loooooooong time lusting.
They left San Antonio by train with this Art Deco metal steamer trunk and just 10 dollars 
Vintage Steamer trunk - $75
Actually, I could PROBABLY find one in the attic; generations of Boarding schools come in useful sometimes.
The ENTIRE Society for Rational Dress collection. Drooooool

Candela NYC Flats @ Asos Red for £87. Oh yeah baby. Pre-IBIZA.
PASSION-Frill Platform
Passion Frill platform- £95 @Topshop 

dress check mate
Minimarket Dress- 2500 SEK (around £211/$305)

Wood Wood Sabine Jumpsuit
 Click here to view larger image 
Lou Doillon for Lee cooper Artfull stonewash jacket- reduced to £130!!!
And once more, the ENTIRE bluebird Vintage store. HOW DO THEY PULL IT OFF?
Oh dear lord, I'm going to drive myself crazy staring at this lot.


Belle said...

Dresses, heels, sequins ♥ they are all so gorgeous!

An (ex) alien in new york said...

I rather agree, for obvious reasons!

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