Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This crazy weather...

Just last week I was wrapped up against hail..

....Is making me act somehat crazy. I've been baking this morning, (Crazy no.1) only to find out that the oven was broken, call an oven technician, and have to REFRIGERATE MY BATTER. noooooooooooooooo. (It was already mixed). (crazy no.2=overly emotional reaction)

Crazy no.3= Did I mention what I was wearing? Yeah. um.... 40s dior.
Decided to change before the electrician called.

Anyway. The sadness of my cupcakes being postponed has pushed me into clothes watching. Having hooked-n-eyed myself into a teency weency boned corset for that thing, understandably I've been loking at more comfy options. Circa debut Alexander Wang.

BABOOSHKA Geometric Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan in CHARCOAL GREY
Babooshka Geometric Oversized Boyfriend Cardigan in charcoal grey

From babooshka, the "BEST OF PHILLY". An awesome designer playing with proportions in a very wearable way. ($12-90) I love the proportions...don't you? Interesting proportions, sleeves and the suchlike, can really just bridge that gap between "Immalazybetchannidunwannawearnuffinkthathurts" and just damned cool. Wonder if they ship international...doesn't say. Too cool to care. tis all in the attitude... filters into the clothes. Also the colours. Minty fresh is just right for spring... and they have some tomato red. Hm...tomato and mint salad....
BABOOSHKA Mint Jubilee Solid Cotton Paperbag High Waisted Mini Skirt w/ pockets
Again Babooshka. Mint Jubilee Cotton Paper Bag H/W Mini

Then again, the draping's all too important. Check the sillhouettes. uhmazing. Then you can be lazy as you please. Vintage is always good to look for draping. Jaymee purcell from the hands of SOS queenka's ATLANTIS VINTAGE

Jaymee papell Ruffled Dress - Atlantis Vintage

Don't you love dresses? THe utimate in laziness. always wear them around school, always get asked where I'm going. As if I need an excuse.... One piece of clothing. No coordination neccesary, except perhaps with your shoes. You can, essentially, wear just two items of clothing (One, if you're feeling scottish). It's not exactly the sunniest here in england, so I am wearing shoes with my Velvet (The brand, not the material) Jersey wrap dress,that I changed into after having decided that innet city electricians may not appreciate Me wandering around in Vintage Dior, and Vintage Dior may not appreciate oven grease.

Damn, I'm flexible.

So. Examinig dresses as the ultimate form of getting away with laziness, I present our good friend Dries Van Noten. Reduced By half to $436. I wish I had just $1 that wasn't owed to my mum for college apps/visits/train fares...

Back to the more affordable. I don't proclaim to be much of an Ebay fiend, I can barely find a thing, if I'm honest (No patience). So, I was quite pleased with myself considering potential future hauls from Bluebird Vintage, especcially their Jumpers and dresses.... oh to be lazy and only wear one piece of clothing.


Also to watch for? Their Tweet collection of Playsuits. Rolling out s/s 09. Here's a screenshot. It's the best I can do.

But, check this dress on their Ebay store:

Hopefully I've inspired you to slob around a tad.

I'm off to see if the oven's fixed.... turrah

Monday, March 30, 2009

Explanations, life, life, explanations. Still no explanation for, of or about life.

I have found the new meaning of life, it's kshocolat, and it doesn't do spelling.
And I ate it in one.

Right, so, I've locked myself in in preparation for exams.

If i look shocked, its of from lack of makeup, hair, of the fact that I'm wearing a men's tee with a smily face on the front and generally not being a fashion ICON like i would be if I weren't well.. here. It's because...8 posts in two days? Either I'm prolific, which we know I'm not, or procrastinating. It's the latter, by the way. ( Vorrei posticipare! vorrei! vorrei!)

That, or it could be my dad's theory that to much screens turns you into a gogglebox. Which always seems very unthreatening, like being turned into a smurf. And so, instead of being shock, you are slowly witnessing, in real time, the doomed fate of every teenager of le monde occidentale.

But anyway, back to work advoidance (I mean this both literally, and in the sense that I change the topic back towards it.
This is a page of my planner, (homework diary, whatever. It's a moleskine softcover 18 month page-per week. They don't make it in soft cover anymore... I'm mad.I like it being bendy. Oh well, doesn't finish till December, perhaps I'll start a petition for bendy covers to continue? Anyway, fairly standard.
You can really tell those last few weeks I was starting to get restless, due to the progressive size and intricacies of my doodles.
From one doodle a day (ish)
To progressively large, shaded in fineliner, (and morphed from a garance illustration)To drawing with left hand, and holding the pen funny To using my pentel squeezable fillable watercolourpen/paintbrush thing to smudge.

Yeah, I would say I was bored.

Adding fuel to the fire.... Or taking it away, I suppose

(Click to zoom) Clockwise from top left: Electra Amsterdam Alexander Girard "tree of life" edt. TV spread, Snake Bike lock-Fred flare, 3G Bikes Flamingo, Pinup-ridingpretty, The ditty Bops album cover, bicyclecape-cyclechic, Ann demeulemeester scarf, Carrie bike basket, Pin up image-ridingpretty, Cyclechic cherry blossom pannier, man on a bike, ann demeulemeester talon-heeled boots, Cyclechic tartan box bag and helmet, Yellow electra amsterdam tulip, red electra amsterdam Alexander Girard, Cyclodelic brabad (for handlebars).

Bikes are so hot right now, they on FIAH. I'm waiting to see Kanye pedal on the ltd. edt. Chanel bike, perhaps Gucci, perhaps early tiffany.It doesn't take a genius to work out that recessionistas (I shudder at the term) and eco-warriors (Another shudder) Have made bikes very visible in recent months, but wouldn't you say that they're just doing something that most people should be doing anyway? Not that I don't admire them for their advocacy, but rather, I marvel that they're even considered abnormal. Surely it's just logic? Bikes are pretty, fun, practical and a cheap way of getting around, but I'm not going to preach. Instead, I take the view of Copenhagen Cycle Chic, who claim that rather than there being a large number of cyclists in copenhagen, there are simply alot of people in copenhagen who cycle; in their heels, in their suits. Normal, everyday people. Not crazy warriors. And you don't have to kit out in lycra, nor know who made your brakes. (Just how to tell if they've been cut)

Check out Riding Pretty, who makes helmet covers, like so...
Even better with a matching cape...wouldn't you say?
At any rate, very Karl lagerfeld

She has been known to rock a sherlock homes look...

But, with cyclodelic opening at topshop, with agyness dejn and her bike popping up every which way I turn, and with my plans for transport in paris very cyclo-centric, I can't very well just ignore it. I am, after all, trying to choose a bike.


All holytaco.com/celebrities-riding-invisible-bicycles

Ok, enough humour. The bikes:

User Image
The electra Amsterdam "Girard tree of life" or
User Image
The Electra Amsterdam "Girard madonna" or
User Image
The Electra Gypsy or
User Image
The Electra Amsterdam Tulip or
User Image
THe electra Ladies Nexus or
User Image
The PAshley Princess sovereign (old skool) But in regency Green
User Image
Pashley poppy or
User Image

Velorbis Victoria Ladies Classic or
User Image
3G flamingo

or. get this. 3g bike with rocket lights:
User Image
User Image

I should probably stop before I persuade myself into swomething like this that clashes with a) holiday b) Orientation week. I could probably fit in the july one, but raising £1,300 by july would be...tricky, what with exams and all. Who knows?

Take me higher

Nina Hjorth-Why shouldn't I admire the architectural/structural/aesthetic genius that is Nina Hjorth?

I believe I have height envy. I want to be short. Not 5'10. Short. I want to wear heels. I want to have an excuse to wear heels, and not have to dodge the flaying hands of my best friends, most of whom happen to be around 5'3, and who claim that I'm not allowed because it makes them feel short. oh. Thanks. SO what, I never get to wear pretty shoes that elongate the leg and are the only thing that fit my excessively high arches? (Yes, in a bizarre twist of creation, the mos comfortable shoes for me have the highest heel.) I Want to wear Charlotte Olympia, and rush violets on the street with plum coloured spikes.

Not just that.... I want to wear Nicholas Kirkwoods.
User Image

With bleached out two-tone jeans by Siwy @asos

User Image

HEll, I want all of SOS's shoes. The ann demeulemeester's. But also these givenchys especially. I mean, her shoe collection warrants contact fom kanye. Oh wait that already happened.


At any rate, my snakeskin-print cage sandals are the first step in my pretence that I Am short. By september, and Paris, I shall leave flats in the art room, where they belong. And bike- hah, beat that. You were going to comment on the cobbled streets.

I want to jump into these ripples of petit filous...

ok, yeah, so the lime green pannier isn't exactly blending in, but firstly, it's straight out of robert ryan, seconsly, robert ryan reminds me of birdcages. birdcages remind me of Prague. Prague reminds me of dusky colours. And it's awesome?! The Carrie basket. google it.

When will it be summer? I was reminded by the dusky pink in that last post, coupled with the petit filous pot I'm eating, of Comme des Garcons, and then the sheer amount of antique colours out there on the runways. Brain connections, eh? Although I'm told its the colour of the Sky in Paris, I also believe its the same colour as the mold I found in the Washing machine detergent drawer. Meh. Mould can be so on trend. Actually...think about all those crazy colours and crystalline patterns... *Archives mould as source of inspiration* I should probably point out that noone's been living in this house since december.


As noted, pastels seem to be everywhere Fall and winter. And of course with pastels in mind, you have to head to the cherry blossom girl. You just do. It's like birdcages and Prague. DO you really need an explanation? Could I even give you one? Answer: Unlikely. Anyway, her photoshop must be on permanant vintage setting as, whilst documenting her life, style and times, everything is bathed in a soft glow. Beyond that, I want her sofa.... Her closet too wouldn't go amiss.

On to greater things. Prada's inspiration for the MiuMiu s/s09? exploring our european heritage. Possibly because there's no unified italian heritage? (Far too revolutionary and divided. Italy's a baby, in constitutional terms). Though fading dusty colours they hark back to a distant time, when the chemicals on photographic paper decayed in such a pretty manner, (Now its more likely that someone's put lined paper in the printer and caused a jam) the silhouettes present are decidedly modern. Architectural, almost. Like old cartography. I want a dress made out of old charts, screw newspaper dresses. (although, as far as they go, I wouldn't mind one of these...
Newspaper Dress.jpg

reminds me of Barbara I Gongini A/W09

So, the pastels.

Comme des garcons:
sshot-2009-03-08-[10-48-28] by you.
sshot-2009-03-08-[10-47-46] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-42-16] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-48-48] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-43-47] by you.

Miu Miu
sshot-2009-03-21-[14-16-26] by you.sshot-2009-03-21-[14-13-41] by you.Miu Miu Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

sshot-2009-03-06-[23-28-24] by you.
Prada Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

sshot-2009-03-21-[18-03-57] by you.sshot-2009-03-21-[18-04-20] by you.

Christopher Kane
sshot-2009-03-07-[09-58-56] by you.sshot-2009-03-07-[09-58-24] by you.
sshot-2009-03-07-[09-57-42] by you.sshot-2009-03-07-[09-55-35] by you.

Erin Fetherstone
sshot-2009-03-07-[10-03-32] by you.sshot-2009-03-08-[10-31-04] by you.sshot-2009-03-07-[10-04-44] by you.Erin Fetherston Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear
How does she pull off a skinhead????
Erin Fetherston Spring 2009 Ready-to-Wear

In conclusion.... I want spring to come so I can whip out these babies....

Peace out. Notice the rosy glow given by poor lighting and photobooth. Not only mould, but industria school lighting too!