Sunday, April 5, 2009

Big people, little people, Lilliputiens and stylish chains.

The Cambridge Chain 
In this instant, I wouuldn't mind playing gulliver..... Yookoo 

Called Atanta's "Knitting Wunderkind" by Vice magazine, Yookoo (who is, I believe, pictured) has been chipping away at fantabulary keck-knitwear, at a rate of knots. Too bust to take anyone on, this one woman, one shop set-up has been raking in orders (recession? whowherewhatty?) and, beneath that elfin crops lurks a human-machine that's been churning out oversized chains, Chunky capelets and Giant soopascarves.

Oatmeal Soopascarf 
By Giant, of course I mean 7-8 feet long....
No wonder she wakes up with cramps... or, as she so succinctly puts it, "me and my carpal tunnel thank you" [for your orders, presumably). Now having received street level recognition (people stopping her in APC to have a gasp) the knitter is, in fact, resorting to guarding her yarns and patterns fiercely. But, in actuality, she's moving into sewing. The ateliers better watch out...

The Cambridge Chain in Fig 
Susie Bubble in Yooko's cambridge chain

The Mothership in Sweet Pea 
The Mothership in sweet pea
I would also just like to point out the beautiful photography; lighting, composition, and the creator-model. All makes for a brilliant setting. Check out the colour combinations in that last image!

She also gives etsy the best "Tell us a bit about yourself" answer ever:
I don’t mean to scare anyone here, but, to be honest, I spent a larger part of my childhood preparing for this question. I used to dream of being on Nighttime Talk Shows and having a host lean in and say, “tell everybody about yourself.” My father said that it was the type of question that meant you had finally become someone of note.
Ingrid Bergman was someone of note and would always poise when answering this question. I would poise, too. I would try, but I probably wouldn’t make it far. I would end up jack-laughing throughout the entire first segment. Catching the Giggles. I’d try focusing on the bridge of my nose to keep from laughing. My father said all Nighttime talk show hosts have miniature buttons in their desk to cue commercials when guests weren’t working out so well. I imagine my persona being very button friendly. And it would be pushed.
And there I’d sit. I would have blown it. Now the entire world would join me in knowing that I was not the type of person that entertains such questions. I wasn’t Ingrid Bergman, or Simone De Beauvoir. And I was in nobody’s note. I was Yokoo, and I made scarves, some of which were chunky.

The Pembroke Cowl in Charcoal  
The Bubble again

Also in my etsy favourites at the moment are Portland designers Emily Ryan (very affordable, cool) and Holly Stadler.
Stadler's designs start off as trimmings; literally. These can include "faded velvet ribbons, edwardian lace, the beaded applique of a 1920s dress" and  "aurora borealis rhinestone buttons". Interested in looking at the aging of fragile fabrics, she keeps things modern in the designs themselves, incorporating these raw materials; sustainable production indeed. Basing herself from the Seaplane boutique/lounge/gallery (complete with music and art installations, launching oregons finest on the word) each item she produces is one of a kind, tailor made or limited edition. Now that's special.

La Sylphide - little cream capelet with bow 
La Sylphide Capelet
Spring Puffy Sleeve Shift Dress RESERVED LISTING FOR SOPHIA 

Another thing? Custom-made-to-order listings. Such as this Gem silk lace dress and antique lace cape....
 Custom listing for Gem Silk dress and Antique Lace Pouf Sleeve Shrug 

This all goes on While i wile away my time waiting for Kate Towers to post a new item (she has a baby, I suppose it's excusable....)
sugar and spice 

Check out for her amazing interview with artist Mark shwartz


nuha nuha said...

hello, thank you for the comment! oh susie buble always pulls off any look, that girl has style!

and oooh so do you i can see! :]

ah you linked me, merci! ill link you too!


An (ex) alien in new york said...

Thanks! Indeed she does. Possibly. And indeed I did.

SOS! said...

yukoos stuff is cool!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Cari said...

great inspiring photos.

10ThMuse said...

very cool knitting but the fact that summer is almost here makes me forget all about it :D

Kay said...

The about me is amaazing! She sounds so cool. I really like your writing style by the way, I may have said this before but even then.
I love the Cambridge scarf

nadia said...

Thank you for posting about such amazing designers. Sometimes I find all the sellers on etsy overwhelming so it's nice to see look at a select few who make amazing things!

♥ fashion chalet said...

No way, about Granier!?!? I never use the Shampoos though... but seriously- I've never heard of that before. wow. Still best conditioner though! :]

An (ex) alien in new york said...

LJ - I agree! (unsuprisingly)

Cari - Thanks.

10th muse - Spring here can be sunny, but its also bitterly cold and april, well, it showers.

Kay - Thanks again! (Don't worry, I often repeat myself). It's possibly because I often write creatively on campfires for my best friend on (She's very persuasive). And also, I still do an essay subject?

Nadia- I find Etsy totally intimidating. It's as bad as ebay, if not worse, because with easier you don't get so lost. I had an etsy bookmark tab but it got so full after about 3 browsing sessions that just looking at the bookmarks was scary (!) So I figured blogging would be natural filtration.

♥ fashion chalet said...

I'm thinking its their shampoo since the conditioner has different ingredients? But either way I've used it for years, and you've seen my hair. So maybe it's just word on the street from their competitors?? I also love SUNsilk. :]

Thanks for the comments. xx

dapper kid said...

I am totally in love with the chunky knit scarves, and those chain link ones are fantastic!! Ooh, and that last photograph is SO beautiful.

Bianca and Isabella said...

lovin the geometric scarves.

These pictures are amazing i love them all!

Daisy said...

I love these!

coco said...

Oh my god, those knitted chains are genius.

Bianca and Isabella said...

Wow these are amazingg
and thanks for following really apperciate your kindness, we love you extra mucho

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