Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Teenage unpregnancy.

Pregnant? I'm not. That would certainly be bad form for a girl in her last year of school, in the middle of exams. But if you are, the folks over at Isabella Oliver have notified me of an interesting sale.

SO if you too dislike wearing tracksuit/jogging bottoms but, unlike me, are pregnant, then apparenty if you enter SUMMER at the checkout you'll get 25% off.
from the 3rd of June (today) until monday. It's not valid for lingerie, and stuff marked as not on sale.

Célébrez l’été en beauté avec -25% sur la collection luxueuse Isabella Oliver Maternité dès aujourd’hui (Mercredi 3 Juin) et jusqu’au Lundi 8 Juin. Utilisez simplement le code promo “ETE” au moment du paiement pour profiter de votre réduction. Le code n’est valable que sur les produits de marquee Isabella Oliver non soldés (n’est pas valable sur la lingerie).

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Hmmm... Really, I think it would have been much more sensible to tell me about the new 365 collection for happily unpregnant people, although I would suggest that we're more spoilt for choice, and perhaps need less notification. Oh well, those poor people randomly looking up blogs on google to send them promo codes can't always be on the ball, no? I think these coats are rather delicious... from their new not-for-pregnant-people collection (unmaternity?), having snooped around on their websiter (and being the only reason i'm actually posting this since I really doubt my demographic has *vast* amounts of pregnant people, although perhaps mothers or sisters... whatever. it's a coupon code. Who doesn't love coupons?)

Designer Womens Coat The Cape
Womens Designer Coat The Shirt Coat
I love the sillhouette on that wool-cashmere blend trench-cape. (They like blending things). It cheers me up. Although every time I here wool-cashmere blend I mourn the loss of my double breasted blue mariners jacket, stolen by soeone really really evil. gah. Stupid all-girls school.


Anonymous said...

wow, those coats are perfection! hurray for unpregnant lines!

La Chauve-Souris said...

love those coat cool

bonne nuit
the weird bat

189m said...

that floral dress from the previous entry is sooo fuckin perfect!

etoilee8 said...

Did someone say "cashmere blend cape", yes please!

Gryphon said...

you are already a style star to me, my childless cherie
xo Ari