Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some drawings

Pattern taken from ancient Japanese tomb mural.

The cosmos in her trousers. a very big place for a very small friend.

No I can't explain the octopus i put behind susie....

Original sketch for susie..

halfway point....
Original sketch for Cosmos



Playing with textures 1

Playing with textures 2

Playing with textures 3

Playing with textures 4

Playing with textures 5

Playing with textures 6

Consider this as an i'm sorry i'm lazy i'll try harder but clearly i've been working and eating thai food...

A reccomendation next time you're in paris? Mme. SHawn, a thai restaurant just by Jaques Bonsergent/Republique. Inedentally, there are two just by the same metro stop, one canal-side on rue lancry, the other on rue Yves Toudic. Approved by Teema. 

Ah yes. I made enchiladas (the antique 30s dress is... umm..whim)

Pont des arts in the rain...

I blame coco made me enthusiastic...


Post with words soon enough...

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etoilee8 said...

Looks like life is treating you nicely!