Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Postular shaped object.

My life is a bit chaotic atm. First abroad, now trying to seal the deal on an appartment near St. Denis. But anyway, since I'm being so efficient, I've decided to procrastinate by thinking which shop i could ever buy my entire wardrobe from (capsule-stylin' yo!). Rather than throw myself in with the hoardes at topshop, to risk becoming a spleen with no sense of its ideal, I think i would chug on down to pixiemarket (really, who makes spleen references except weirdos? And someone labelled me a scenester the other day. Seriously? I make spleen references and you think I am down enough to make it with that crowd??? hahaha)

Acid grey ruched leggings
Although I would totally wear all of that, tracking down things on websites worn with other things annoys me (handy links or commentary like mother of all cool boden please?) so for now i would just imaginarily invest in these Acid wash grey treggings? jeggings? w/e. I nominate them leggings. Anyone who feels differently is an arse.
Just FM

Bleach jersey drop crotch pant
Only drop crotch pants to slim thighs in a photograph? ever? Perhaps. All I know is Blue bleach print drop crotch jersey pant with side slit pockets. Bleach? check. POCKETS? check. OK, i'm down. They have pockets.

Burn out cape sleeve top
I love burnout, I hate wondering what to do with my bra. PERFECT! haha. No, secretly its the cape like shape and my childhood urge to be a fairy-princess-spy-superhero-astronaut. Subtlest spy EVER. haha.

Mayhem slash bootie
Mayhem slash booty by maud. Provides own ventilation.
Kick ass zip too!

Pad shoulder top
LBD? Screw that, I'm onto LSD -- little statement dress. This is very little. Don't ask me what AdM stands for.

Flower satin jumpsuit
Flowery satin jumpsuit with POCKETS. (again, i like pockets.) Sold.

Light denim jodhpur
On the site they call this a light denim jodhpur, but i refuse so t do. Breeches? perhaps. Harem pant? meeh.... Tapered?...fine. But jodhpur...for riding horses with???? NOOOO. Did I ever tell youu about the time I worked in Barbour on Madison Avenue? Park avenue princesses would wander in, look st the riding jodhpurs and ask me time and time again if they were some new form of skinny jean (I guess the new one would be tregging). Eventually, I gave up, and just said yes (You know who to blame if in 2006/7 you saw people wandering around NY in riding jodhpurs) Just like giving into the old boys jokes as to whether I came with the store (english accent... english store....bad combination)
Enough with the tangent...
Orphan age

Paul the dreamer with glasses
I rarely where tees anymore, and this is largely due to my heckles with necklines (too high round-neck, too low scoop). And prints. BUT I LOVE THIS ONE. Why? 1) neckline. 2) print with glasses on a neckless to dangle in front! genius! I couldn't make this myself! BONUS POINT to Paul the dreamer with glasses (I feel like a game show host)! And I suppose if you only have one tee-shirt, you wouldn't mind the hefty price tag. meh. hefty.
Daydream Nation

Grey luna roll neck
Just FM again, with a handy dandy 'Grey-luna' roll-neck. As modelled with above acid-wash leggings. Leggings. Looks comfy. Stylin'. Thin arms balance it well proportionately.
Just FM

Blazer tux jacket
Oooh I love those shorts. Maybe I'll bother to track'em down. But this double-breasted bastardisation of a blazer and a tux is the ticket. More pockets...yay! Balances out them drop-crotch. (mmm...comfy....)
Orphan age

FINALLY, on a parisian note... I WAN'T THESE REPOSITIONABLE PURPLE CHALKBOARDS!!WA16003 Wallies Peel & Stick Vinyl Chalkboard Panels in Grape

$15.25 =BARGAIN Only shippable to US territories...natch... wankery tools.


Folu said...

All those clothes, I die. especially that grey luna roll neck and the chalkboard things are so amazing, so glad i found them cuz everywhere else, they are 5 times more expensive and 1/2 the size

nycrun said...

love how the pants break over the boot . top image

somedaynewyorker said...

I love the top in 3rd photo. And those slashed are amazing.

Cookies said...

PIXIE MARKET ! Un site qui rend fou, c'est tout. Il faut s'en protéger autant que des Happy Tree Friends ahah.

marion said...

hello , you leave in st denis? do you think french language is hard?